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Walking Day 15 & 16 December 10, 2010


Nothing much to report.


Monday (12/6)


Up early I walked 2 blocks to the bus stop, walked around the grocery store and came home. I was indoors most of the time, so nothing adventurous or noteworthy. Cold, cold, cold.


Tuesday (12/7)


Post Office for stamps and mailing of Xmas cards. I was outdoors for 95% percent of the adventure, about 1 ¼ hours total. The trip would have been shorter but I stopped for pics here and there. Not just cold – fucking cold. Dressed warmly. Even though I had gloves on my fingers were still numbed a bit. Maybe because I kept taking out the camera. Took a new route there and back, change of scenery. Found a cute little bagel place. Onion bagel with cream cheese and chives and Tropicana orange-pineapple juice. Carb city but haven’t had a bagel in forever.


Got back home, sore knees going up the front steps. Fooled around online. Been a computer-addicted log ever since. HATE THE COLD!!!


That is all.


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The Daily Hotness – Bobby Cannavale October 3, 2010

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