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Today’s Hotness – Chris Cuomo April 14, 2011

Chris Cuomo at IMDB

Chris Cuomo at wiki

Mario Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo on the Case

Chris Cuomo on Twitter

Mattie Stepanek

The Creative Coalition


The Daily Hotness – Dylan Bruno February 16, 2011

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Dylan Bruno at IMDB

Dylan Bruno at wiki

Dylan Bruno at Buddytv




Stephen King’s The Dead Zone

Karen Sisco

Grand Theft Parsons

The Anarchist Cookbook

The Rage: Carrie 2

High Incident


Where the hell is he …? December 30, 2010

Let’s find Gov. Christie, boys and girls!!!


The Daily Hotness – Chris Sarandon September 10, 2010

Chris Sarandon at IMDB.com


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