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90-Year-Old Florida Man Faces Jail Time, $500 Fine For Feeding Homeless November 5, 2014

90-Year-Old Florida Man Faces Jail Time, $500 Fine For Feeding Homeless.


Pastor Wants to Throw Heroes Like Greg Louganis in Prison for Ten Years of Hard Labor August 26, 2014

Pastor Wants to Throw Heroes Like Greg Louganis in Prison for Ten Years of Hard Labor.


Woman Turns Wedding Dresses Into ‘Angel Gowns’ For Newborns Who Don’t Make It Home March 29, 2014

Woman Turns Wedding Dresses Into 'Angel Gowns' For Newborns Who Don't Make It Home.


Bricks for Good – GlobalGiving March 10, 2014

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Bricks for Good – GlobalGiving.


Marathoners Stop Mid-Race to Honor a 95-Year-Old Veteran March 6, 2014

Marathoners Stop Mid-Race to Honor a 95-Year-Old Veteran.


Cover Battle – “One Way or Another” August 2, 2013


The song was originally done by Blondie – the punk new wave hard-driving rock band fronted by the magnetic melodic muse, Deborah Harry. It’s frenetic and focused yet all over the place. It switches tempo frequently and Debbie’s vocal is alternately manic, creepy and seductive. I mean, is she trying to catch her stalker or is she the ultimate stalker? You’re not really sure, but you don’t even care. She and the band just rock out and give it all they’ve got, maintaining their edge all the way through. I love it.


As for the collaboration between Blondie and Joss Stone – it doesn’t work for me. I don’t think Joss’s voice works for the song and I don’t really think she and Debbie mesh that well. They’re both powerful performers with great strong voices but together it was distracting and discordant. It kind of sounded like a hot mess.


As much as I didn’t want to like it (I think I am getting better about accepting remakes and covers and reimagininings, though) I thought the One Direction version was kind of cute. And it’s not just because it’s for Red Nose Day, on behalf of the British charity, Comic Relief. They are rather engaging young blokes. Plus the way they’re hopping around in the video reminded me of The Monkees, so it was fun.


I have a different reaction to the next version. Oh my gosh, I cannot even tell you how much I hate this one. I won’t even call it a remake. It’s just a massacre. I was surprised that there was only one cover version done by a “name” group. I had originally only found the One Direction one, then I kept looking and saw the Mandy Moore cover. Unfortunately, while listening to it I really started to gag. I mean Mandy Moore seems like a nice person and all but this sounded horrible to me and so far away from anything even remotely enjoyable or catchy. Ugh.





September 5 – Freddie For A Day September 5, 2011

Freddie For A Day is a fundraising campaign set up by the Mercury Phoenix Trust to fight Aids worldwide. The campaign involves participants dressing as Freddie for an entire day and demonstrating to people how easy it can be to give to a cause.


A Kind Of Magic? …

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Gone but not forgotten – Wendie Jo Sperber December 29, 2010



Watched an episode of Will & Grace this morning. It featured the fabulous Wendie Jo Sperber. She was always one those actors that enhances whatever she’s in. I miss seeing her.



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Thank you #SOT December 24, 2010

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