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#PostADay2011 Challenge October 20, 2011

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Plinky PostADay2011 Prompt

Name a product or company that you’d like to star in a TV commercial for.



Publisher’s Clearing House. Except, if they showed up at my house I’d try to grab the check without actually getting on camera. I really don’t like to be noticed (yes – that’s why I tweet, and post to Facebook, Skype and have 5 blogs!). But I do like to keep some stuff private. The fact that I would now be a millionaire with a guaranteed income for life – definitely a private issue.


My neighbors (and random people on the street) don’t need to know my bizness. Or my income. I do not want to run into long-lost “cousins” or “friends” that ‘always meant to keep in touch’.


I’d try to stay so far under the radar my picture might start appearing on milk cartons. I’d pay off all my bills, buy a nice little condo, gather up a certain group of #badbitches I know, find the nearest “Fleet Week” and do some major damage!!




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