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Straight Talk June 15, 2013


“The standard you walk past,

is the standard you accept”



Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO,

to the Australian Army




RIP Capt Linnerooth March 19, 2013




Vet Who Saved Many in Iraq Couldn’t Escape Demons



J.R. Martinez October 7, 2011



J.R. Martinez at IMDB

J.R. Martinez at wiki

Official website

Official blog

Seeing Past the Scars of Battle

Iraq war veteran cast in ‘All My Children’

All My Children

Dancing With the Stars

Trial by Fire: Lives Re-Forged

Shining Star of Perseverance

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America


Army Vet forced to pay for Purple Heart August 6, 2011

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In 2007, Army veteran Sgt. Major Rob Dickerson (retired) was severely injured while embedded as an adviser to Iraqi soldiers. Due to the ‘lack of paperwork’ needed he couldn’t verify the merit of his medal.




After 2 years of pursuing his case the acknowledgement of his due was finally granted.


Instead of being awarded in a ceremony, his medal was Fedex-ed to his home. C.O.D. The fee of $21 was relatively minor, but the fact of him having to pay it at all, in addition to not having a ceremony, after fighting for his medal was disrespectful to him and kind of an embarrassment for the country.


Sgt. Major Dickerson is now fighting so no other soldiers will have to put up with this


Read the full story here.




YEAREND RAMBLE – pt 3 December 31, 2010


Read pt 1 here


Read pt 2 here



Project Archive is basically finished.





Tossed a crapload of shit. Or a shitload of crap. By “tossed” I mean threw away the nonpersonal papers, and moved anything with identifying info into the shredding bin, which is heavier than ever. Anyway everything fits in one box now.


Mission semi-accomplished


I am going to rest on my laurels. Well, pillows actually, crack open the SOA dvd’s and enjoy. Then tomorrow I’ll start on the next projects.


The bookcase:




The desktop (actual & virtual):





My current files:




Thank goodness the computer room has a door that closes.





The Daily Hotness – Sterling K. Brown October 6, 2010

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Sterling K. Brown at IMDB.com


#MilitaryMonday October 4, 2010

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Breast Cancer Research Study Op – Chicago Area August 26, 2010

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Army of Women Call to Action – Chicago area


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