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Truth and Beauty: A look back at “Strange Fruit” on the 100th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s birth April 8, 2015

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Truth and Beauty: A look back at "Strange Fruit" on the 100th anniversary of Billie Holiday's birth.


Following the Dream: Fifty Years After The March on Washington August 28, 2013

Following the Dream: Fifty Years After The March on Washington.


Time flies May 8, 2013



Received this message earlier today:




Wow. Three years ago today I started this whole shebang.


Can’t believe I’m still doing it. I had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing and I wasn’t even sure why. Oh yeah – I was trying to open myself up to new things and share and create and express … stuff.


Well, there’s still a shit ton of stuff I have no idea about, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better with sharing stuff. My consistency has been spotty but I told myself I was going to make a concerted effort to something out here every day, if at all possible. And not just quotes or reblogs, etc. Actual stuff I write myself. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at writing (ranting/rambling) much more. And I think my poetry output and quality has really improved, thanks to NaPoWriMo. All those random ideas I jot down and never do anything with are finally getting fleshed out. I’m excited to see where my little brainstorms take me to, because honestly, sometimes I start with one premise or theme in mind then, during the course of writing it goes off in a totally different direction than I thought it would. But that’s cool. It’s kind of exciting.

I hope anybody reading this blog has enjoyed the mishmosh of Kimmie’s brain spurts and shares. And overshares. Maybe you’ve learned some stuff. I know I have.


I just want to thank anyone who’s ever checked out a post, reblogged something, commented and shown their support and encouragement. I truly, truly appreciate the effort. You’ve been a inspiration to me and I will continue to be the same frazy, weird, ranty, perverted chick I always am.








#OnmyAOLDashboard September 9, 2011

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Oh right … everybody’s looking at the dark-skinned guy with the backpack!



‘Credible’ Terrorist Threat Reported By U.S. Officials (UPDATE)



The 40th Anniversary of Queen May 10, 2011

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Queen on wiki

Queen Celebrate 40th Anniversary with Deluxe Reissues

Official Queen YouTube channel

Soundcheck: Queen Reigns On

The Queen Store at Amazon


Today, in 1981 – Hill Street Blues premieres January 15, 2011

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Hill Street Blues on IMDB

Hill Street Blues on wiki

Daniel J. Travanti

Veronica Hamill

Bruce Weitz

Michael Conrad

Taurean Blacque

Kiel Martin

Betty Thomas

Joe Spano

Charles Haid

Michael Warren

James Sikking

Barbara Bosson

Ed Marinaro

Rene Enriquez

Robert Prosky

Dennis Franz

Trinidad Silva

Jeffrey Tambor

Barbara Babcock

Robert Clohessy

Danny Glover

Gregory Sierra

Linda Hamilton

David Caruso

Dennis Dugan

Lindsay Crouse

Edward James Olmos

Alfre Woodard

Ally Sheedy

Eric Laneuville

CCH Pounder

Stanley Kamel

Chris Noth

Ron Silver

Joe Pantoliano

Tracey Walter

William Forsythe

Tony Plana

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Paul Gleason

Gregory Cruz

Robert Pastorelli

Dean Devlin

Liz Torres

Cuba Gooding, Jr.


Celebrating 50 years of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations November 22, 2010


Revelations – 50 years in pictures


Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey Amercian Dance Theater


25th Anniversary of Elmo on Sesame Street November 21, 2010

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Elmo on wikipedia

Sesame Street

Kevin Clash

Elmo’s Best Moments


25th Anniversary of Calvin and Hobbes

On November 18, 1985 the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes debuted in newspapers. It was created by cartoonist Bill Watterson. The characters were named after thoeologian John Calvin and philosopher Thomas Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes on wikipedia

Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes quotes

25 Great Calvin and Hobbes strips

John Calvin


Becoming an anonymous social butterfly November 10, 2010


Twitter with no regrets




Today is my Twitter anniversary. It’s been one year since I signed on to this thing called Twitter. Never actually intended to do much on here. I thought it was all rather silly and a total waste of time. It certainly couldn’t be anything that would capture my attention or have any sort of effect on my life.

Well – that just proves how much I know! These are just a few of the highlights of

“My Year of Twittering Dangerously”




  • I now listen to Shinedown and Saliva more than B-52’s.


  • I have shared wildly inappropriate thoughts and things with you guys, some of them in private DM’s and emails, but mostly in this public forum


  • Got into a minor dustup with someone which got me to consider rethinking this whole “put yourself out there” social media thing.


  • Became the fledgling object of someone’s #twittercrush – then got unfollowed and blocked (!) and accused of being a liar just for being myself, causing me to crawl back into my shell for a brief questioning moment


  • Developed my own massive #twittercrush, which still persists in some part to this day


  • I’ve been called a prostitute, a dyke (with an extended clit :=O) and, for the first time ever, the “n” word. All in the space of one weekend. But you guys had my back, skateboards and Priuses at the ready


  • Never listened to a podcast before Twitter. Now I try to catch a few of them religiously


  • I originally signed up to follow @KevinSpacey. Then I added @sutterink to support #sonsofanarchy. Now I follow over 470 people and am in turn followed by over 580.


  • Me following a bunch of people – I get that – there’re so many smart, funny interesting, bizarre, sexy people to read, chat with, think about. Why you people follow me is still a bit of a mystery (well, except for you internet marketing people. We all know what your deal is). I thank all of you guys for following me and hope you find something interesting, crazy, funny, and occasionally thought provoking in my strange flights of fancy and madness.


  • This twitter community has helped me to express myself, discover myself, engage, and think. It’s sparked my once deadened interest in life and creativity and yes, love.


  • I’ve discovered a world of creativity, a world of possibilities and quite a fascinating little world of kink out there.


  • So I’d just like to say, from the heart –



    *MUAH* & *HUGS*

    *as @jerzygirl45 cops a feel*