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Nigeria Female Genital Mutilation Outlawed August 8, 2015

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Nigeria Female Genital Mutilation Outlawed.




I feel like this world is telling me, telling us – don’t breathe while being black.


You’re sleeping in your own house – you get shot.

You go to the store for snacks – you get killed

You go enjoy a dip in pool – you get cursed at, gun drawn on you, flung around

    and your face smushed in the grass

You exercise your constitutionally given right to free speech – you get charged

     with resisting arrest

You don’t shuffle along fast enough you get the silver bracelets

You drive a car that’s just a little too nice – you get pulled over and assumed to be

    a car jacker.

You’re unarmed, but you panic and run (fight or flight) – you get shot.

You’re unarmed, you stand in place, you get shot

You’re driving home from your bachelor party – you get shot

You get in a car accident, you knock on someone’s door for help – you get shot

You play your music too loud – you get shot

You go to church, to pray – for peace, for justice, for healing – YOU GET FUCKING SHOT!!


Is this real life, right now?


I’m sitting here tearing up. I’m tired of this bullshit. First we were brought here for labor. Not we’re just for target practice.


And what will the media say about the victims? Will they pull out their bag of pre-conceived notions, sink into the muck and scrounge around for every single “misdeed” than any of these people may have done ever in their lives? Will they paint this not as a Bible study, but as some sort of agitator’s conference? “Oh, yeah. We know – them darkies just up to no good. Can’t have too many of them congregatin’ in one place


And what does the media say about the killer? Will they call him a poor mixed up young kid? “He’s sick. He needs our understanding”


Fuck that. He’s a goddamn racist fucking terrorist bastard.


And he’s homegrown.


My home.


The United States of America.


Land of the free. Home of the brave.


That’s such a sad fucking joke, right now.



Don’t Cross the Line June 24, 2014


The following video was created by filmmaker Coralee Trigger, for loveisrespect, a campaign to stop dating abuse and to promote healthy relationships. It’s easy to see how concern can morph into control and obsession.


Although aimed at teens, this message is applicable to everyone who strives for a healthy relationship built on mutual love and respect.




The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Coralee Trigger on Vimeo

North Texas Now Youtube Channel



Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11, 2014




The A 21 Campaign

Human trafficking

Human Trafficking Search site

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website



Laura Albert – Page – Interview Magazine July 29, 2013

Really interesting interview with writer Laura Albert who “faked” a persona, JT LeRoy, and became a literary sensation in the early years of the milennium

Laura Albert – Page – Interview Magazine.


Ramblings July 8, 2013


Initial reaction: what the fuck am I watching?


I am so so SO not a rap person. I mean occasionally I’ll hear something I might listen to (Missy Elliot “Get Ur Freak On“, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme) but for the most part, if I hear a rap song I start to tune out and turn it off, because frankly I can’t understand it or the culture (pull your pants up, whippersnappers!!). So imagine rap from a South African group (Die Antwoord) I probably wouldn’t understand ?! Totally not my thing.


So why am I bringing this to the blog? Because you know I tend to find all sorts of oddly interesting/infuriating/perverse things out there on the interwebz and I just love to share/inform. I was reading this article about 30 young men dying due to complications in ritual circumcisions in South Africa. These circumcision aren’t performed in nice relatively safe hospitals, mind you. A group of men are taken out in the forest for a period of time and the procedure is performed with unsterilized instruments by elders with no surgical training.


It had a link to this video called “Evil Boy”. In South African culture if a young man is not circumcised he is considered an “evil boy”. Even if you can’t understand the words, this song is clearly about keeping the foreskin intact. (And, of course, it’s full of the typical rap attributes – gyrating bimbos in skimpy outfits, oversized bravado, boasting, etc. It’s also kinda filthy. Also, I thought it was a touch homophobic until I read this piece from blogger Tia Marie that delves into the issue a lot deeper. )






In the U.S. (male) circumcision seems to be one of those things that’s always been with us, that people are now reevaluating. There’s a whole anti-circumcision movement going on, that is effectively labeling it as “mutilation” with no real benefits. I don’t really have an opinion on it. I’ve never even seen an uncircumcised wiener in person, just in porn. Yes, I’ve watched porn. I know. You’re shocked, right? What? Not so much. Fine, I’m a pervert. But you already knew that. 😉


Anyway, I was reading the comments (I should know better by now) and a lot of people were saying that they don’t see why female circumcision is considered so much worse because it’s the exact same thing. Uh … no. The consequences and aftereffects are obviously not as radical for a man. A little less sensation and a more majestic looking member? Boo-hoo – suck, it up dude. For a woman, well, it can lead to loss of sexual function, difficulty with menstruation and lifelong excruciating pain. Not to mention the emotional trauma of the procedure. All for something that’s only designed to control female sexuality. I just found an article about it being done in Japan (!). A mother took her 5-year old daughter in. After the procedure she said:



“I’m happy… My daughter is now clean” … “Many girls are getting pregnant out of wedlock these days,” she noted. “Circumcision hopefully will prevent my daughter from becoming oversexed, and will make her less amorous when she grows up.”


For some reason this male circumcision kerfuffle has me thinking of this men’s rights movement (or the whole War on Women thing), or a situation when a women’s issued or racial issue is raised and without a doubt they’ll be a ton of people saying “Well, men get raped/harassed too” or “white people get discriminated against too” or “That’s misandry!” or whatever.


Here’s my favorite part of the wikipedia entry for men’s rights movement:


Warren Farrell (men’s rights activist) states that men in the United States pay more into social security …”


Gosh, maybe that’s because, oh, I don’t know … THEY TEND TO MAKE LESS MONEY FOR DOING THE SAME WORK!?!?!





Whaaaa-whaaaa-whaaaa. Want some cheese to go with that whine?



Bruising Beauty March 26, 2013







when you first see her you think she’s bruised. battered and abused.

but it’s makeup. as you look closer she’s flowered and rouged and artistically designed.

it’s beautiful. and grotesque.

and you don’t know how to feel

can her bruises be sexy?

the thought is disgusting,

but still you

wonder (ponder) over

the possibility

of your twisted vision


it’s disturbing. and unsettling

do we love the image because

she is so bruised?

or do we like it

because: this was done to her

we used her for our canvas

and for one moment she’s

stuck in time as

the object of our aggression/love?



(Source: doloresdepalabra on tumblr)



I can’t cry enough over this … February 21, 2013


Why do we do this to another person? Why do we come up with ways to damage each other and destroy each others’ souls? This post probably won’t even be that coherent but I don’t even care. I just need to get this shit out of my head.


What brings me to this is reading an article about breast ironing. Yes. Ironing. Of. The. Breasts.


I don’t even know where to begin with this. I had heard about female genital mutilation, or female circumcision. It’s an appalling “custom”, “tradition” whatever the hell you want to call it. Its purpose is, supposedly, to remove any chance of sexual pleasure from a female, since it involves removal of the clitoris (clitoridectomy) and sometimes parts of the inner and outer labia, as well.


The girl is able to menstruate and urinate. It’s believed this will ensure a girls virginity, if she has no capacity for pleasure. Some say it’s for health reasons. I say it’s just another form of abuse and domination. Yet it’s performed by young girls, not by men, but by their own female relatives. Usually mothers and grandmothers, just as it was done to them.


I can’t really write more about this because it makes me squeamish and ill. Right now I’m literally squeezing my legs shut, the way you, comically, see a man tense up when a guy gets kicked in the nuts in a movie.


But this Cameroon breast ironing thing? I didn’t even know such a thing happened. I know sometimes you might wrap a girl’s breasts but physically applying heated stones to a growing child to slow down breast develop and help stave off possible sexual assault?!?!? For her own good?!?!? What the bloody fuck?!??! And again, it’s carried out, in secret, by women, against their own daughters and granddaughters.


Of course I sit here at my computer with my first world privilege and attitudes and decry the barbarism of this practice. I mean, how could I possibly understand – it’s not my culture. It’s not my country. It’s not my tradition.


Well fuck your goddamn tradition and your culture


How can physically damaging someone who you’re supposed to protect and emotionally destroying them, on purpose, ever be for their own good. It’s evil and cruel and sick and twisted and just plain, fucking wrong.


Hey, I’ve got a really great fucking idea: how about educating men and boys about fucking RESPECT and making the very idea of rape and abuse absolutely abhorrent. Ever think of that? Of course not – it’s always the women who have to pay.


Is it jealousy? Because we can bring forth life? Is it fear? Because we have the strength of the world within us and we’ve proven we can endure so much shit, so what the hell? Let’s shit on us some more?


And then somehow you bring us down so much that we believe that we’re not worthy of basic human decency. We convince ourselves it’s okay to destroy our sisters because we’re women, we don’t matter?


Sometimes I really fucking hate man (and woman) kind.



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Happy Birthday Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn December 11, 2010

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Soviet Union

Nobel Prize in Literature

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