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ELECTION DAY/Walking Day 10 November 2, 2010


For the past two days I’ve been “off grid”. Well, not really – just haven’t turned on my computer since Saturday afternoon. Or evening. Or sometime.


I was headed to bed about midnight, Friday when I saw the siren call: come to church. Didn’t even have to think about it. I just signed in. For those of you that are unaware, church is The Watchers of Anarchy chat room. It’s open 24/7 for anyone who wants to congregate (virtually) with friends and family. There’s a weekly live streaming podcast in addition to the chat room. Come check us out http://watchersofanarchy.com/


Before you go calling Homeland Security, the Anarchy that we watch refers to the magnificent splendor that is Sons of Anarchy. Yes – a TV show. One to which we are devoted and absolutely rabid for. But anyway – so I went to church just as I was going to bed. A few people were there and we chatted up a storm. We don’t just talk about the show, either. The subject could be anything, and usually is. Even on specified live streaming podcast day. Ended up fading out with slitted eyes about 3 am. Even though I didn’t get up until about 12:30 or 1 pm I was still sleepy the whole day. The only productive things I accomplished were pissing, eating, napping and maybe a little tweeting.


Sunday I was still ragged and decided to opt for what I call a “bed day”. Stay in bed, remote in hand, performing only the most basic of functions. It felt weird to be totally in the real world, especially on #SonsSunday, but it was good. Then I did the same thing for Monday figuring Tuesday would be a long day and a late night. Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday, at 10 pm, with replays at midnight and 1 am. Also, this Tuesday, (today), happens to be Election Day. I’ve been slacking off on a being a semi-responsible adult lately and totally neglected to mail in the application for my absentee/mail-in ballot. The game plan was to get there just after the polls opened at 6 & maaaaybe do a little walking after.


The polling place, an elementary school, is a block and a half away from my door, but in the 4 years I’ve been in this area I’ve only ever voted by mail. This would be the first time I actually stepped foot inside. As continual proof that everything happens for a reason, I ran into a woman I used to work with and haven’t seen in almost 5 years. We caught up for a few minutes, then I cast my votes.



(We now return you to the regularly scheduled ramblings)


Then I took my walk. Oh, btw, I forgot to mention – IT WAS 37 FREAKIN’ DEGREES OUT!! And STILL DARK! I went to the park – it’s fully lit and I ventured in. Saw maybe one or two other people. But they were running so if something jumped off they could get away and I’d be the only victim (Paranoid much, Kimmie?) It was a bit creepy but as I said it was fully lit so I walked for a bit, even took some really, really crappy dark photos. Only walked for about 25 minutes before deciding to come home to recover a normal body temp.


Walking up the block on the side of the school/polling place I debated whether or not to take a pic of the quarter moon and all of sudden – I felt myself trying to tap dance on concrete without my feet connecting. Then I started leaning to the left (DEMOCRATIC, BABY!!!!) yet trying to right myself, to no avail. I ended up down – half on the concrete and half on the little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the curb. I wasn’t hurt, just slightly disoriented and wondering what the hell I tripped over. From the little bit of light I could see there was a raise in the concrete and some sort of crappy patching. (Silly me, expecting a city sidewalk to be perfectly flat!)


Fortunately, because of my coat and abundant natural padding I wasn’t hurt, just shook up a bit. At this point I just wanted to get back home. This was just another little jolt to my early morning’s escapade. When I woke up and finally turned on the computer, I found out my checking account was overdrawn. Because I hadn’t been online due to being all shagged out (I wish!) I totally neglected to transfer some money and got hit with the fee. I hate when I get creamed (I wish!) for something that could have been avoided if I hadn’t been slacking off. And it’s only November 2.


The moral(s) of this lengthy ramble?

  • Vote
  • Go to bed when you’re sleepy
  • Don’t slack off on basic responsibilities, it’ll bite you in the ass later
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Wait until it’s daylight to go for a walk


And, most importantly –


Tuesday 10pm on FX





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