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Sunday Morning Ramblings – June 23, 2019 June 23, 2019

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9:29 am

Sunday morning, june 23rd, 9:30 in the morning.

First off – sorry about the spacing. I don’t know how to fix it yet, but hopefully I can figure it out.

Sitting here jamming to one of my all-time favorite albums, “Nick of Time” by Bonnie Raitt, singing (screeching probably). Computer room window open and I don’t even care.

Been up almost 2 hrs. Wanted to do something slightly productive, so I got up threw my garbage together and took it to the back of my building. Also threwc out a couple of things taking up space and aren’t really making me happy. No I’m not going full Marie Kondo (although she does seem very sweet); I will not be thanking my possessions.

I’ve been tackling some paperwork clutter. Yesterday I scanned some stuff into the computer. Now I’m going through some “mag pulls” – pages ripped out my many subscriptions (Essence, Oprah, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, and Woman’s Day). If I see something interesting I rip it out and put it aside, to look up more info or whatever. A lot of times, by the time I get around to going through my pile, I’ve totally forgotten why I even pulled it in the first place.

When I do remember, I look up the product, or idea, or person, then add it to my pinterest or share it on social media. Right now I have a crap ton of stuff to get through, and I don’t want to spam my twitter timeline (eh, maybe I will, anyway), but then I thought “maybe work all this into some sort of blog post?”. So let’s try that, shall we ?

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bombard you with everything at once. ‘ll throw a few into this post, and then, hopefully, I’ll be consistent and throw a few more at you in the coming days.

Yeah, I know – consistency hasn’t been my strong point on the blogging front. I’ll try to do better.

Here are a few interesting things I found/looked up/shared:

First up, here’s an article about a young African American female entrepreneur, that I read about in the June 2019 issue of Essence, trying to make her mark on the Wellness industry:

Olde Founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford Wants To Bring Inclusivity And Accessibility To Wellness


Here we have a young woman, also noted in the June 2019 Essence issue, currently working hair into her art:


There was recipe for Mexican Grilled Corn, that I found in the June 2019 issue of Ophrah magazine that I wanted to pin, but it didn’t come up on the website. I’ve had that happen before: it’s in the mag but can’t be found on the site. Like, what the hell?!

Then I just did a Google search for “Mexian Grilled Corn Oprah mag” and I got it. Sort of. It came up in a different format, as part of a general list of grilled corn recipes:


Here’s the actual mag pull:

Oprah magazine, June 2019

In the same issue of Oprah magazin, I read an article about Footsteps, an organization that helps with people who decide to leave th Orthodox Jewish Community:


There’s lots more stuff to go through, but I don’t want this post to get ridiculously long (okay, it kinda already is, but whatev) so I’m gonna end it here. Hopefully you’ll find this stuff as interesting as I did.

You can also check out my Twitter for other bits of randomness: @jerzygirl45 https://twitter.com/jerzygirl45


Nick of Time – Bonnie Raitt

“Dream Lover” – Bobby Darin

“The Weight” – Cassandra Wilson

Straight Til Morning – Blues Traveler

Hymns – Corey Glover


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