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Hey, Jackie … May 12, 2019

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I usually don’t cry on Mother’s Day …

It’s been … like, 40 years.

But I saw your picture. I mean,

really …

saw it

looked at …

examined …

searched for …

traces of me

who I could be

if you were still here.


Blue Light Special April 4, 2019

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12:30 am:


Sleep – wherefore art thou?

Away from the keyboard


far from the screen.

To the bedchamber I must trudge



release today’s sorrows

and sink into Morpheus’ careless



Teatime October 27, 2013

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flavor rises in the vapor,


    scenting the air with


        honey vanilla chamomile goodness


    steaming liquid balm for the soul


enabling comfort








Respite June 15, 2013





Excitement on a Bayonne street May 20, 2013



    car horn, then thud (bump, crack, crash)

ignore it? or be nosey?

    Opt for nosey

Camera (kinda rude)? No camera?

    Opt for camera



Hmm, everybody out of the car, nobody seems hurt, just ticked. No sign of fisticuffs, phones out, presumably dialing police.

    [Alright, everything’s cool. Nothing to see here folks, go back to your     business.]



    sirens. and more sirens. and again with the sirens (stopping right nearby)

    multiple doors slam


Look out the window



time for nosey again, definitely with camera. (this time with shoes and a proper bra)


responders outside, getting the story, milling around. still no one seems hurt and

no tempers flaring





sensible heads prevail





Everything cool. break it up, break it up now




    doors slam, and slam, and slam

    red trucks driving away


life goes back to normal, eyes back on the screen,

nothing to see here, folks



nothing at all to see



“Hollow” August 28, 2010

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Enthralled June 30, 2010

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May 21, 2010

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Listening to “Save Me” and “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann, feeling  really stupid  and blue.  Not a good combo.  I’ll get over it.

Bravery freed my tongue, confessing my heart 

Unsure but bold. In the hours of silence icy fingers of regret creep thru my mind.  Brick by brick the wall returns


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