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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! AKA #NaBloWriMo AKA #whatthehell November 1, 2016

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Hey – remember me? I used to post stuff here. On my blog. One of many. That I’ve basically abandoned. I saw something online and I think I might participate in it. So – you’ve no doubt heard of NaNoWriMo.

No? Well NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write every day, and by the end of the month you’re supposed to have completed 50,000 word novel.

Yeah – not doing that.

There’s also NaPoWriMo, for writing a poem a day, which happens in April. I actually did NaPoWriMo one year. You know, back when I actually posted stuff to this blog.

It was interesting, and kind of fun. Not that every poem I wrote was a winner, but I’m quite proud of what I did.

So, anyway, apparently there is a blogging version of this writing thing, called NaBloPoMo. Aaaaaand, you guessed it – this is my first post. (Yep, there’s “Blo” in the name, but I’m gonna be a grownup and leave it alone)

Mind you, if you participate in any of these things, you’re supposed to sign up or register or something. Make it known on the official sites.

Yeah – not doing that

But anyway, you can check out ideas and prompts and just get some general info on the whole thing.

So, let’s see how this goes.


Haikus For You May 4, 2015


Just a couple (or 3) little haikus that bubbled up out of me today. I guess the bubbling was a little off since haikus are supposed to have a 5-7-5 syllable setup, and I kept thinking it’s supposed to be a 7-5-7 setup. Oh well. Let’s call ‘em … Inverse Haikus. Hmmm, according to Google, I’m not the first to come up with that.


Inverse # 1

Opening wide the windows

Kettle set to boil

Outside noise disturbs my peace


Inverse # 2

End of the day here at last

Moon shines down so bright

Tomorrow sweeps in too fast


Inverse # 3

Neighbors screeching, car horns blat!

Waking sounds of day

Ugh, take me back to dreamland




Untitled April 29, 2013



you’ve ruined me

and i let it happen


i thought i would see it coming

i thought i set up all the mines

manned the parapets

and set the piranhas in the moat


but, somehow, you crept right through


i thought i was safe, you know,

but desperation is a bitch

she wrings you out and leaves

you thirsty, in the heart

4 chambers, empty

a husk of desiccated offal


wanting the play, and the heat

so long absent, memory can barely recall


one drop was my jug of wine,

one speck of grain, my loaf of bread


I lowered myself to your scraps

and you knew I’d wait for more


but then

the hunger brought me reason


your wine became rancid

and your scraps turned to dust,

my throat choking on empty promises


So now I remain between the whole

and the nothingness

your presence, in my head, scant at times

then eclipsing all thought, all dreams

sense-memory just out of reach


You. Are. Pain.

You. Are. Weakness.


and once …


    you were love



HE – SHE April 28, 2013



    sittin’ in a backstreet bar

    suckin’ down a brew

    contemplatin’ life

    and wonderin’ what to do



    cleanin’ like a madwoman

    gettin’ out some rage

    thinkin’ ’bout “that jerk”

    and slidin’ towards old age



REPAST April 27, 2013


ode to the little italian ladies

dragging their shopping carts &

wearing cropped pants

flat fun sneakers, not fancy but

they’ll do


rambling along in groups of three or four

picking out tomatoes and oregano, fresh not dried

just right for making the gravy

gotta get it started; doing it right

takes all day

simmer and stir until it tastes like


dip in the bread to taste it and test

serving it up for the big family feast


all around the table

generations of life and history, grab hands

and bow their heads

“Signore, benedici noi e il cibo che stiamo per prendere”

Lord, bless us and the food we are about to take.


pass the ravioli, gianni; michael, vino all around

antipasti, fish course, and pasta

       more pasta

songs and love and “old country” stories

a little bocce in the back yard

hey tommy, come give grandma a kiss

giggling baby, with cheeks plump for pinching


precious little angel

brings tears to his granpa’s eyes

kissing his sweet head, inhaling his

innocent smell


though he can’t understand it

a secret benediction is delivered

whispered in his tiny perfect ears:

“you – my child, are blessed, and loved.

you – my perfect sweet bambino,

you – will make us proud.”


“and know, sweet little one,

I am with you, always


and as the child cooed and clapped

the old one passed over,

into the spirits

of time without end



cHECKLIST April 26, 2013





simple escape April 25, 2013


movie matinee

shadow lovers holding tight

sweet fabrication


habitual April 24, 2013


stuck in this … place

where treading water seems futile

and halting seems unimaginable


    how do I decide?



By Definition: Lust/Chaos April 22, 2013





a writhing mass of undulating discombulation steeped in the confusion of the cacophony by the disorganization and misunderstandings leading to the destruction and heartbreak from the pandemonium of the turmoil due to inconsistency and restless infatuation


a derangment of a crush; a crash – a glitch of the brain clashing with the heart (and the flesh) bringing on a scattershot psychosis and derangement and reckless turbulent entanglements


a delirious discordant fugue state of disclarity and inconvenience distinguished by impracticality and intense commotion sometimes ending in disagreement and catastrophe




astral chaos border


For some reason the word “chaos” kept running through my mind. I sat down and just riffed and free associated and decided to see where it led. So then I thought, “let’s make a word cloud and that’ll be a visual poem for today’s writing”. Then I thought “hey – what about taking one of the words you came up with and then trying to define it using as many of the other words as possible” and see if it can also illustrate the original inspiration. The only words I didn’t fit in were “incompetence” and “hot mess”. Also a couple of these aren’t even actual words (discombobulation and disclarity), but I still like the feel of the result.



disintegration of the persistence of memory April 21, 2013


the framework of an existence,


thoughts scattered and confused

falling through the gaps

a delicate tapestry of memories

frayed, and fatigued


transient threads too fine to capture

in the sundowning of days

life, love, births and loss

familiarities muddled

  amid the shards of

        fleeting remembrance



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