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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! AKA #NaBloWriMo AKA #whatthehell November 1, 2016

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Hey – remember me? I used to post stuff here. On my blog. One of many. That I’ve basically abandoned. I saw something online and I think I might participate in it. So – you’ve no doubt heard of NaNoWriMo.

No? Well NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write every day, and by the end of the month you’re supposed to have completed 50,000 word novel.

Yeah – not doing that.

There’s also NaPoWriMo, for writing a poem a day, which happens in April. I actually did NaPoWriMo one year. You know, back when I actually posted stuff to this blog.

It was interesting, and kind of fun. Not that every poem I wrote was a winner, but I’m quite proud of what I did.

So, anyway, apparently there is a blogging version of this writing thing, called NaBloPoMo. Aaaaaand, you guessed it – this is my first post. (Yep, there’s “Blo” in the name, but I’m gonna be a grownup and leave it alone)

Mind you, if you participate in any of these things, you’re supposed to sign up or register or something. Make it known on the official sites.

Yeah – not doing that

But anyway, you can check out ideas and prompts and just get some general info on the whole thing.

So, let’s see how this goes.


Weather Report July 20, 2015

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Jeezus.  It’s almost 9:00 at night and it’s still hotter than Satan’s butt hole!


And yes – once the temperature dips I will be complaining about it being colder than … something.  I don’t know. I’ve still got a few months to think of it.





Oh Happy Day July 17, 2015


Happy summer, everybody.


In a world where some people are actually excited by the words “Trump for President”, something truly wonderful has happened, that you may or may not be aware of.


One of the greatest comic strips ever conceived, has, blessedly, returned to us: Bloom County. The Pulitzer Prize-winning comic originally ran from December of 1980 until August of 1989.


The creator, Berke Breathed has woken up his main character, Opus the penguin, 26 years after we last read of him. We also have his other classic characters Bill the Cat, Milo Bloom and others.


From the Wikipedia article, in discussing the return:


A fan asked in the comments on the picture if this was in response to Donald Trump’s return to the political spectrum, and Mr. Breathed responded to the comment that "This creator can’t precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing to do with it."


New strips are being posted on Mr. Breathed’s Facebook page. You really should make checking them out a daily habit.








I feel like this world is telling me, telling us – don’t breathe while being black.


You’re sleeping in your own house – you get shot.

You go to the store for snacks – you get killed

You go enjoy a dip in pool – you get cursed at, gun drawn on you, flung around

    and your face smushed in the grass

You exercise your constitutionally given right to free speech – you get charged

     with resisting arrest

You don’t shuffle along fast enough you get the silver bracelets

You drive a car that’s just a little too nice – you get pulled over and assumed to be

    a car jacker.

You’re unarmed, but you panic and run (fight or flight) – you get shot.

You’re unarmed, you stand in place, you get shot

You’re driving home from your bachelor party – you get shot

You get in a car accident, you knock on someone’s door for help – you get shot

You play your music too loud – you get shot

You go to church, to pray – for peace, for justice, for healing – YOU GET FUCKING SHOT!!


Is this real life, right now?


I’m sitting here tearing up. I’m tired of this bullshit. First we were brought here for labor. Not we’re just for target practice.


And what will the media say about the victims? Will they pull out their bag of pre-conceived notions, sink into the muck and scrounge around for every single “misdeed” than any of these people may have done ever in their lives? Will they paint this not as a Bible study, but as some sort of agitator’s conference? “Oh, yeah. We know – them darkies just up to no good. Can’t have too many of them congregatin’ in one place


And what does the media say about the killer? Will they call him a poor mixed up young kid? “He’s sick. He needs our understanding”


Fuck that. He’s a goddamn racist fucking terrorist bastard.


And he’s homegrown.


My home.


The United States of America.


Land of the free. Home of the brave.


That’s such a sad fucking joke, right now.



Random Thought June 4, 2015

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I love how the internet takes a crumb of discord and turns it into 10-course banquet of Armageddon and chaos




TMI RANT May 11, 2015

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Why is “my cousin from Red Bank” making an appearance after 4 or 5 years of absence?!??!



Bitch needs to disappear. For good.


Actually had to hit the store when it opened and buy … lady supplies.


What the hell?!


Funniest euphemism I’ve found so far:  Taking Carrie to the Prom



Haikus For You May 4, 2015


Just a couple (or 3) little haikus that bubbled up out of me today. I guess the bubbling was a little off since haikus are supposed to have a 5-7-5 syllable setup, and I kept thinking it’s supposed to be a 7-5-7 setup. Oh well. Let’s call ‘em … Inverse Haikus. Hmmm, according to Google, I’m not the first to come up with that.


Inverse # 1

Opening wide the windows

Kettle set to boil

Outside noise disturbs my peace


Inverse # 2

End of the day here at last

Moon shines down so bright

Tomorrow sweeps in too fast


Inverse # 3

Neighbors screeching, car horns blat!

Waking sounds of day

Ugh, take me back to dreamland





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Dear lady at the DMV April 24, 2015


Dear lady at the DMV: Sometimes it’s not racism.


If there’s a discrepancy between your documents, and they question that?

      – it’s not racism


If the passport office in NY state accepted it, but the State of NJ doesn’t?

       – it’s not racism


If the name on the card you’re presenting for ID, doesn’t exactly match your birth certificate?

       – it’s not racism


If your birth certificate says “Shelly” and you happen to go by “Shelley”, just because (!), without getting a legal name change and they don’t take it?

       – it’s not racism


If the person at the counter keeps sending you to the supervisor because your shite’s not in order?

      – it’s not racism


Look – it’s the DMV (Sorry – Motor Vehicle Commission). You know it’s gonna be long and tedious and annoying. But if your paperwork is not on point and somebody previously decided to let it go, it doesn’t obligate them to do the same.


Be annoyed. Be angry. Be frustrated. Hell write a letter or a scathing blog post.


But –


1) Don’t touch any of the employees. Even though it wasn’t done violently (hand on the shoulder) – technically that’s assault. Which the officer told you when he was walking up. (The same officer you challenged earlier when he said it’s too crowded, some of you have to wait outside ‘til I call you.)


and –


2) Don’t call it racism, when it’s not. (Especially when 30 seconds ago you were complaining loudly about “foreigners who can’t speak English”)



Yay!!! The snow is back. December 1, 2014

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… on the blog.


If it was in real life, I would not be saying “Yay!!”





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