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HUNGRY/LAZY February 1, 2017

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I want to eat all the snacks in my house,

but then I’ll be sad when they’re gone.

And then I’ll be too lazy and stuffed to

go get more.

I need minions.



The end.


Disconnect July 17, 2015




“Black Privilege” by Crystal Valentine (2015 CUPSI) July 16, 2015




Haiku – Amsterdam* June 2, 2015

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*Note: You know how something will pop into your head and you’ll have no idea where the hell it came from? Well, this morning I woke up with the last line in my head, and all I know about Amsterdam is what I’ve heard or read about the red light district and there’s pot, like, everywhere. So that’s where this came from.



Haiku – BB King May 29, 2015

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guitar named “lucille”

King is gone, the thrill remains

mississippi blues



Haiku – John Nash

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mathematics man

professor Nash, rest in peace

a beautiful mind



Haiku – Anne Meara

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sad goodbye, sweet Anne

a lifetime of laughs, and more

actress and legend


Haikus For You May 4, 2015


Just a couple (or 3) little haikus that bubbled up out of me today. I guess the bubbling was a little off since haikus are supposed to have a 5-7-5 syllable setup, and I kept thinking it’s supposed to be a 7-5-7 setup. Oh well. Let’s call ‘em … Inverse Haikus. Hmmm, according to Google, I’m not the first to come up with that.


Inverse # 1

Opening wide the windows

Kettle set to boil

Outside noise disturbs my peace


Inverse # 2

End of the day here at last

Moon shines down so bright

Tomorrow sweeps in too fast


Inverse # 3

Neighbors screeching, car horns blat!

Waking sounds of day

Ugh, take me back to dreamland




“Elementary” by G. Yamazawa October 8, 2014




Safe May 13, 2014

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i get frightened

in small, dark spaces


there was the closet

    that one time


and that window bench,

    the other


but i don’t have to worry about that,



now he’s in a small dark place

    where no one can find him



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