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Day 5 – #NaBloWriMo – Premature Holiday Excitation November 6, 2016

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November 5th; just days after Halloween.

Commercial advertisers have completely jumped over Thanksgiving and are already priming for Christmas. I haven’t heard any Christmas carols as I’ve been out and about, but I suspect it’ll be coming soon.

Ads are pushing their Black Friday sales, so I guess that’s their back-handed acknowledgement of turkey day. Because, after all you can’t have Black Friday – which is the day after Thanksgiving – without getting through Thanksgiving, itself.

Although, in the past couple of years the term Black Friday has been broadened, so that Black Friday is not Friday. Well, it is Friday, but these days it tends to start on Thanksgiving. During early dinner. Probably, even during the Macy’s parade. But, of course, before that, there are the Black Friday Preview days. Ugh.

It’s absolutely nuts. Let each holiday be its own season


Day 4 – Lamest. Post. Ever. Okay – maybe not. But also not creative. Whatev November 5, 2016

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It’s 11:55 pm on day 4 of this #NaBloWriMo thing.

I’ve spent most of the day alternately dozing, bleeding, cleaning myself up, and breathing heavy.

No, I’m not an obsessive serial killer moving bodies and doing forensic countermeasures. I’m just old and tired and still having my fucking period.

At 52. Seriously heavy periods.  In my possession I have 4 1/2 bags of overnight pads, because it’s all so much.

I actually bled some much I had to get 4 transfusions. So, yeah, I’m sick of this shit.

And tired and weak, and anemic.

During the course of the evening I managed to get a couple of things done, with effort. But, while I enjoy being a girl, sometimes I actually don’t.

and that’s my post for today.  Sorry if it’s way too much tmi, but I don’t even care right now.


DAY 3 – I got nothin’ November 3, 2016

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Not. A. Thing


Um ….


Oh, here’s something:



I can’t wait for this election shite to be over.  I already voted (HILLARY!  HILLARY!  HILLARY)  Gotta love mail-in ballots.


There we go.


See ya tomorrow.




“BLINK” November 2, 2016

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I love taking photos of abandoned places; there’s such beauty in the disrepair.
Well, actually I like looking at the photos. I am definitely not one to go poking around in creepy abandoned spaces. I watch too much SYFY channel.






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