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Lady Tingles – Ovary Explosion Edition November 6, 2013







The Daily Hotness – Chuck Hughes January 9, 2012




Chuck Hughes at wiki

Chuck Hughes at Cooking Channel

Official website

Garde Manger

Le Bremner

Chuck Hughes becomes …

Cooking Channel chef Chuck Hughes …



The Daily Hotness – Timbaland January 2, 2012




Tim “Timbaland” Mosely on IMDB

Timbaland on wiki

Timbaland Official site

Everyone Wants Timbaland

Timbaland: ‘I Was In Love With Aaliyah’



The Daily Hotness – Stephen Lang January 1, 2012


"Crime Story" One of the best shows ever! IMHO



Stephen Lang on IMDB

Stephen Lang on wiki

To Appomattox

Officer Down

Terra Nova

Forgoing His Father’s Millions …

The Multiple Personalities of Stephen Lang

Don’t tell ‘Avatar’s’ Stephen Lang …

Colonel Miles Quaritch – Avatar’s Badass

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

Conan the Barbarian

White Irish Drinkers



Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Public Enemies

The Bronx Is Burning

Gods and Generals

The Mother



Last Exit to Brooklyn

Crime Story


Death of a Salesman



The Daily Hotness – Robin Thicke December 23, 2011




Robin Thicke on wiki

Official website

Industry All Access

A ‘Love After War’ Note From Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke Feeling the Pains of Fatherhood

Robin Thicke Says …



The Daily Hotness – Zachary Quinto November 1, 2011




Zachary Quinto at IMDB

Zachary Quinto at wiki

Official site

Actor Zachary Quinto comes out in honor of bullied teen

What’s Your Number?

Margin Call

Before After


Star Trek

Robot Chicken

So noTORIous

Crossing Jordan


Six Feet Under



The Daily Hotness – Troy Garity October 31, 2011




Troy Garity at IMDB

Troy Garity at wiki

The U.S. Veteran Dispatch

The Thinking Man’s Actor

Homies Unidos

We Are Alex

Jane Fonda

Tom Hayden

Troy Garity To Star In ‘Boss’ …

The Playboy Club

TSoldier’s Girl



After the Sunset


Hawaii Five-0

A Day in the Life


Milwaukee, Minnesota

Steal This Movie

Conspiracy Theory

On Golden Pond



The Daily Hotness – Eduardo Verastegui October 28, 2011



Eduardo Verastegui at IMDB

Official site

The Butterfly Circus



Chasing Papi

Trej Mujeres

Meet Me in Miami




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Stopped in my tracks while looking for pictures for The Daily Hotness. Come on. You know the Daily Hotness. It’s a roundup of links and pictures (a lot of them, admittedly shirtless) of guys I think are hot. It’s kinda rude and totally superficial but, fuck it. It’s my blog and I can drool if I want to.


Anyway, I found a bunch of interesting pictures to choose from for Eduardo Verastegui. He’s pretty, he’s sexy, he’s Latin. So – score!


Then I look up articles and I’m finding out stuff that reaaally doesn’t jibe for me. He endorsed McCain. No, not Meghan McCain, John. He was against Prop 8 – marriage equality in Cali. He’s against abortion or he’s “pro-life” as they say. (Yea – ‘cuz all of us “right to choose” people are aaaaallll about the death!)


Not saying everyone has to believe the same thing, and if you don’t believe what I believe then you’re a heartless, arrogant loser scumbag. Not true. It’s just – somehow it dampened my enthusiasm a bit. But why? I’m not planning on marrying the guy and having offspring (or not) with him.


Truthfully the guys I put up here – I’ve never met them, never had a conversation with them, don’t know they’re political leanings, etc. Does that make them any less hot in my book? Not really. Well, maybe. Okay – a little. It’s like – “ugh! why are you so — ugh!!!”!


There’re a lot of guys that fill my hotness pocket. Not literally of course. That would be a whole ‘nother type of blog.


I mean, I put up LL Cool J – and he apparently votes Republican. (Didn’t know that until waaaaay after I put him up). But this lady still loves Cool J. And Tom Selleck, too


So – I will post the pics in a few. ‘Cuz this guy is seriously pretty. And the feature is called “The Daily Hotness” not “Kimmie’s Daily Gallery of the Kinda Sexy and Potentially Politically and Socially Compatible”





The Daily Hotness – Joe Manganiello October 27, 2011

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Joe Manganiello at IMDB

Joe Manganiello at wiki

Joe Manganiello On Missing Out On Superman

Joe Manganiello Talks About His Beard

True Blood werewolf Joe Manganiello …

Magic Mike

True Blood

One Tree Hill

White Collar

How I Met Your Mother


Spider-Man 3

So noTORIous

Las Vegas


The Ketchup King