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I feel like this world is telling me, telling us – don’t breathe while being black.


You’re sleeping in your own house – you get shot.

You go to the store for snacks – you get killed

You go enjoy a dip in pool – you get cursed at, gun drawn on you, flung around

    and your face smushed in the grass

You exercise your constitutionally given right to free speech – you get charged

     with resisting arrest

You don’t shuffle along fast enough you get the silver bracelets

You drive a car that’s just a little too nice – you get pulled over and assumed to be

    a car jacker.

You’re unarmed, but you panic and run (fight or flight) – you get shot.

You’re unarmed, you stand in place, you get shot

You’re driving home from your bachelor party – you get shot

You get in a car accident, you knock on someone’s door for help – you get shot

You play your music too loud – you get shot

You go to church, to pray – for peace, for justice, for healing – YOU GET FUCKING SHOT!!


Is this real life, right now?


I’m sitting here tearing up. I’m tired of this bullshit. First we were brought here for labor. Not we’re just for target practice.


And what will the media say about the victims? Will they pull out their bag of pre-conceived notions, sink into the muck and scrounge around for every single “misdeed” than any of these people may have done ever in their lives? Will they paint this not as a Bible study, but as some sort of agitator’s conference? “Oh, yeah. We know – them darkies just up to no good. Can’t have too many of them congregatin’ in one place


And what does the media say about the killer? Will they call him a poor mixed up young kid? “He’s sick. He needs our understanding”


Fuck that. He’s a goddamn racist fucking terrorist bastard.


And he’s homegrown.


My home.


The United States of America.


Land of the free. Home of the brave.


That’s such a sad fucking joke, right now.



Guilty September 25, 2014

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LOCKED OUT December 5, 2011


Nothing dramatic here, just a little face palm moment.




Okay – so I don’t have a cat, but you get the idea.


Today I got locked out of my apartment. Well, to be more precise – I locked myself out of my apartment. Yeah, I know, duh?!?


Whenever I leave I throw my keys in my bag, flip the doorknob lock, pull the door closed and go. Which is exactly what I did this morning. Except for the throw my keys in the bag part. Because of my locking myself out in the past, (7 am, Sunday, out in the hallway 3 bags of laundry, purse and quarters on the other side of the door), I usually check like 2 or 3 times to make sure I have everything I need. For some reason I didn’t. Maybe ‘cuz I was taking out garbage too and my hands were full, maybe ‘cuz I’m a goofball – who knows?


Anyway – I drag the garbage to the back of the building, and stand out front to wait for the cab. I go in my bag to check the time on my phone and, out of habit, I scrounge around for the feel of the keys. *blink* Not there. Um – okay – maybe they’re just in a crevice or something. After visually scouring and manually assaulting the innards of my handbag I realize my error. Shit. Sorry, make that shite. (That’s the SAMCRO way)


What to do, what to do?


Well, I could call my landlord to see if he had a spare. (Long shot, since he had to borrow my spare key to the front door after losing his.) Do it now or deal with it when I get back? I’m already out, cab’s coming – just pick up the scrips, get the groceries and figure it out later.


While waiting for the cab I check out the thoroughly awesome street blockage nearby:


As Janie says –

“If only it were summertime & the workmen could be shirtless!”


Wow – in a few weeks all of that will be in front of my building!


Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la



So I finished shopping: groceries are gotten and I’m chillin’ outside. No need to rush. Called & left a message for landlord. He calls back a couple of minutes later – he’s out of town and doesn’t have a spare (Why am I not surprised?). Says he’ll call his mom to see if she has one and he’ll make arrangements to have somebody meet me at the house to figure it out. Right about now I’m really regretting not learning how to use those lock pick tools I found many years ago.



Lock-picking tools don’t burglarize homes, people do!


Ooookay … Even though I’m envisioning hours sitting in the hallway,



Me hallway (not as creepy as it looks)


Me foots!


ground beef growing warm, milk turning to cottage cheese


Me groceries (Oh, when can I nom-nom?)


and staring at my apartment door longingly hoping to get to the other side,


I think it’s mocking me


I’m just gonna go home and hope for the best.


As much as I may bitch about her getting on my nerves, the landlord’s mother came through like a champ. I got home at 10:58 (fortunately the hallway door was wide open), she showed up maybe 10 minutes later, and I was inside by 11:13.


The inner sanctum – Yay!!




Safe and sound, guarding the microwave.



The lesson for today: Make 5 sets of spares and tape them to your body before you go out? When your first instinct says “stay in bed”, do it? Well, possibly. I don’t know – maybe that situations aren’t always as bad as they seem and that your imagination can make things much worse than the actuality?


But hey – what do I know? I need back-up to get into my own apartment!



Filthy Little Buggers November 25, 2011


You know how you can listen to a song for years – love it, sing it out loud (privately, when no one else is around because your singing really kinda sucks) and then one day something in this oh-so-familiar piece of music just hits you in a different way and then you realize – “Wait – what was that?”


Yeah – that just happened.


So I’m listening to “Penny Lane” by The Beatles and the line “a four of fish and finger pies” came up.


OMG! – those cheeky bastards”



I’m shocked, just shocked. Firstly at the sneaky, filthy reference and secondly that I, as a woman with a decidedly one-track mind (that track leading straight to the gutter, of course) never even picked up on it until now.


Kimmie, you’re getting slow in your old age…




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Friday, November 25, 2011, 12:00 AM


It’s officially Black Friday.


How exciting. I’ve made preparations and everything’s set.


I can’t wait to head off to: