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Dr Caligari and Mr Robot September 24, 2015

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Rahma Lama Ding Dong

Hello Friend.

If Mr Robot made you think of Fight Club more than once. You are most definitely right. The parallel between Mr Robot and Tyler Durden is quite apparent even before the big reveal. So when an instrumental version of “Where is my mind” at the end of the 9th episode started playing, I took it as a confirmation of the link between Fight Club and Mr Robot. (I may or may not have stopped the video, stood up, and started clapping by myself in front of my screen.)

But recently, I have started to see the show under a new light. That of German expressionism.

It all started when I watched The Cabinet of Dr Caligari a few days ago. It’s style and themes somehow reminded of Mr Robot. At first, I found that strange. How can a German expressionist silent movie from 1913 remind me of a 2015 anarchist drama about cyber hacking? But I quickly realized that…

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