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This kid. This picture. September 16, 2015



The look on this little boy’s face breaks my heart.




He’s 14.


Fourteen, for chrisakes!


This is Ahmed Mohamed. He was handcuffed by police and taken into a juvenile detention center. After being removed from his freshman high school classroom, taken to a room with school officials and 5 cops, and being questioned/interrogated. Without his parents.


His crime? He made a clock and wanted to impress his science teacher. But they say he made a bomb.


I get it – err on the side of caution; better safe than sorry. You see something with a bunch of wires you get a bit nervous. But he showed his teacher, explained it. The teacher verified to school officials that he’s an inventor, he likes to build stuff and, most importantly …. it’s a clock!


He’s wearing a freaking NASA shirt!


But no amount of questioning, trying to get the little boy to admit his project was something that it wasn’t, to get him to sign some sort of written statement – without even allowing him to call his parents – would convince them that he wasn’t just some type of lying Muslim terrorist kid with a bomb, attempting to create destruction and mayhem.


They fingerprinted this little boy and finally, eventually released him to his parents. Then the school district issued a letter asserting their main goal was the safety and security of their students, yet did not even mention the fact that they were wrong in their treatment of this kid.


I can’t even imagine how embarrassing and hurtful this is for the Ahmed. And enraging. The whole thing just pisses me off. Like I said earlier, I get it. They want everybody to be safe. But if you thought it was a dangerous device … then why did no one even call the damn bomb squad?!


Meanwhile last year a 13-year old in Great Britain … created a nuclear reactor. Teachers got a little nervous, but he told them it was safe. And they let him go with it. No arrest.


People are, rightly, up in arms about this, and Ahmed is garnering a lot of support




We decry the current generation for their lack of initiative and intellectual curiosity, then you have a young man who wants to make things and be creative – and you paint him as a terrorist? Wtf?



He seems like a good smart kid and I just hope this treatment and the misjudgments won’t dampen his enthusiasm and passion.




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