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Oh Happy Day July 17, 2015


Happy summer, everybody.


In a world where some people are actually excited by the words “Trump for President”, something truly wonderful has happened, that you may or may not be aware of.


One of the greatest comic strips ever conceived, has, blessedly, returned to us: Bloom County. The Pulitzer Prize-winning comic originally ran from December of 1980 until August of 1989.


The creator, Berke Breathed has woken up his main character, Opus the penguin, 26 years after we last read of him. We also have his other classic characters Bill the Cat, Milo Bloom and others.


From the Wikipedia article, in discussing the return:


A fan asked in the comments on the picture if this was in response to Donald Trump’s return to the political spectrum, and Mr. Breathed responded to the comment that "This creator can’t precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing to do with it."


New strips are being posted on Mr. Breathed’s Facebook page. You really should make checking them out a daily habit.






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