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Marina Abramović Institute Apologizes to Jay Z, Saying He Did Donate After All May 23, 2015

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Marina Abramović’s namesake institute has apologized to Jay-Z and Serbian performance artist herself for not disclosing that the rapper had donated to the foundation.

Marina Abramović caused a stir on Tuesday following an interview she gave to art magazine Spike in which she slammed Jay-Z for apparently breaking his promise to donate to her art institute, reports Billboard.

The 68-year-old Belgrade native said her involvement with his 2013 music video Picasso Baby, which was inspired by her 2010 performance The Artist is Present, was a ”one-way transaction.”

But the Marina Abramović Institute has since apologized to both Jay Z and Abramović herself, saying the artist was “not informed” of his donation and that they have “taken appropriate actions to reconcile this matter.”

According to artnet News, his contribution was “substantial.”


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