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Is the world ready for a model with Down syndrome? May 19, 2015

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Madeline Stuart has been posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the attention of casting agents. Stuart, 18, says she wants to be a model on ad campaigns and walk down fashion runways to help “change society’s view of people with Down syndrome.”

[img attachment=”136566″ align=”alignnone” size=”post-half-width” alt=”madeline-stuart-australia-model3″ credit=”Madeline Stuart/Facebook” /]

Stuart’s mother said her daughter started posing for photos after losing more than 40 pounds. The teen has been swimming five times a week and playing several other sports with the Special Olympics in Australia. She’s also been taking hip hop classes.

“If the average person could see the beauty Maddy has inside, how loving and caring she is and if that is what people measured beauty on, then most of the models in the world would have Down syndrome,” Stuart’s mother Rosanne told the Daily Mail.

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