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Doritos Brownies May 18, 2015

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Little Bitty Bakes

Happy Monday & Happy Presidents Day!  Thank you, historical presidents, for doing what you did best.  Thanks to you, today we get to sleep in and pretend it’s Sunday all over again. 🙂

I’ve got quite a backup of recipes for sharing, so I tried to pick out the most patriotic one today, given the holiday.  I *almost* picked one for a peanut butter sandwich (seriously, it’s a good one, and PB sandwiches are very American…) but instead I settled on something a bit more, well, interesting… Doritos brownies!

I think Doritos brownies are pretty patriotic.  Nothing says good old American dessert like a dense chocolate brownie, right?  And you know us Americans love our chips.  So there you have it, marry the two — brownies and Doritos — and you’ve got a brownie to honor the likes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… or something like that. 😉


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