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Dear lady at the DMV April 24, 2015


Dear lady at the DMV: Sometimes it’s not racism.


If there’s a discrepancy between your documents, and they question that?

      – it’s not racism


If the passport office in NY state accepted it, but the State of NJ doesn’t?

       – it’s not racism


If the name on the card you’re presenting for ID, doesn’t exactly match your birth certificate?

       – it’s not racism


If your birth certificate says “Shelly” and you happen to go by “Shelley”, just because (!), without getting a legal name change and they don’t take it?

       – it’s not racism


If the person at the counter keeps sending you to the supervisor because your shite’s not in order?

      – it’s not racism


Look – it’s the DMV (Sorry – Motor Vehicle Commission). You know it’s gonna be long and tedious and annoying. But if your paperwork is not on point and somebody previously decided to let it go, it doesn’t obligate them to do the same.


Be annoyed. Be angry. Be frustrated. Hell write a letter or a scathing blog post.


But –


1) Don’t touch any of the employees. Even though it wasn’t done violently (hand on the shoulder) – technically that’s assault. Which the officer told you when he was walking up. (The same officer you challenged earlier when he said it’s too crowded, some of you have to wait outside ‘til I call you.)


and –


2) Don’t call it racism, when it’s not. (Especially when 30 seconds ago you were complaining loudly about “foreigners who can’t speak English”)



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