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YouTube rarely promotes black YouTube stars, even during Black History Month April 8, 2015

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Here’s the deal: YouTube is a platform for anyone. But YouTube chooses to promote channels and personalities that the company deems worthy of views by pushing them on Twitter, or placing them in prominent spots on the YouTube homepage. The support of YouTube can launch a creator’s career, and turn mid-sized personalities into mega-stars. Sure, the company promotes YouTubers who have already garnered a substantial audience, but they are not merely reflecting precisely whatever is popular on the platform, but helping to create and shape their service. Their choices are a statement of values for the site.

I’m black. I’m aYouTuber. And I’ve felt like YouTube rarely promotes people of color. But this sort of thing is hard to prove. So, back in February, which is Black History Month, I decided to count how often they promoted black talent with their 49-million-follower Twitter feed. Through the whole month, YouTube…

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