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a few thoughts on surrender. February 18, 2015

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can i get a witness

i just bought a magazine i would never buy.
it’s cover claimed to “anti-age” me.
in bright bold print it screamed at me how these few steps promised to actually “slow down the process”.

i bit.
i bought.
i don’t give a shit about anything else in this home improvement mag.
i’ll glance at the “new products” and toss it.

i’m a sucker for any new claim that i can “anti-age”.
any new product, skin procedure, friendly piece of advice.
anything that soothes me in my most self critical moments.

those promises speak to my outsides.
youth being the holy grail and all…
i drink the kool-aid.
my insides, are joyous and grateful for the years i wear.
what i know, where i’ve been.
what’s been given and what’s been taken away.
i just wish the look of wisdom didn’t get saggy!

it’s on my mind more lately.

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