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the next day February 4, 2015

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can i get a witness

such sweet and prompt response to my new venture.

a quick note to agents and publishing entitys.
(i heard the nervous undertones in your emails)
it’s not that i don’t want to “fucking write my book”, i do.

it’s that this is new for me.
and i get afraid of new things.
i think to much about them.
worry about my shortcomings.
make up a whole lot more of them than i actually have.
i lose faith in myself.
wonder why anyone else has any… faith.
and i stop doing the new thing.

i’m afraid for the same reasons any of us are.
it’s nothing unique.
fear of not being able to do the thing.
fear it will suck.
fear i’ll get laughed at.
fear it will just be to hard to accomplish.

so i distract.
i run errands, i organize closets, i diet, i exercise, i do anything…

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