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Bang! Your! Head! … And take a nap December 22, 2014


So I’m taking one of those ubiquitous and random online quizzes: What Is Your Metal Theme Song?* and this was one of the questions (with the available choices):





For some reason my mind read that as “What’s your pretend way to exercise?”.



exercise fail

I wouldn’t be this bad. I don’t think.



Who am I kidding – is there a song for Couch Potato Metal?







*Incidentally, the song I got was “Not Without All the Hope in The World” by Gaza.




Um, excuse me?????


What the freak is this? Even on my most raucous head-bangy metal mood days, I would never listen to this. I can’t even tell what the hell they’re singing. Are they singing?


Apparently there actually are words to this little ditty:



The earth was warm from the sun.

You weren’t ivory like the movies.

The dirt stained you, dissolved you, eroded you, revealed you.

You couldn’t escape that. Not with your faith.

Not with all the hope in the world.

So I kissed you on the teeth and laid there with you in the sun.

And you answered more questions there than you ever did breathing.

The dirt eroded you. Dissolved you. Destroyed you.






Uh … no.



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