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Jon Stewart Apologizes For Telling CNN He Did Not Vote — Video November 5, 2014

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Can’t believe everyone’s crucifying Jon Stewart over this. When he said he didn’t vote it was so obviously a joke. And just to clarify it brought it up on his show. But no one seems to pay attention to that, they’re just more into showing outrage.


UPDATE, with video:Jon Stewart apologized profusely to viewers for having told CNN this afternoon that he had not voted, after word of that comment to Christiane Amanpour became a “thing” in social media. He says he’d made it up. He did not say why.

Talking to Amanpour hours earlier, about his new movie Rosewater and the midterm elections, she had asked him, “Did you vote?”

“No,” he had responded.

“No?!” she’d exclaimed.

“I just moved. I don’t know even where my thing is now,” he said.

First of all, I’ve known where my thing is since I was 13,” Stewart told his The Daily Show audience at the top of tonight’s live election-results episode. “To set the record straight, I did vote today. … I was being flip, and it kind of took off. I shouldn’t have been flip about that. … It sent a message that I didn’t…

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