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Cover Battle – “Drunk in Love” September 26, 2014


Drunk in Love” is a stupid ass song.


There I said it. It is. The first time I heard it, well … sort of heard bits of it, I was like “What is this? This is the song everyone’s so crazy about? Really? No wonder I don’t listen to current music. Okay, Beyonce, we get it – you luuuuv your husband, Jay-Z; you have great sex; you do it in the tub; you get on top and ride him “like a surfboardt“. I mean, it does sounds drunk and horny with all the random rambling repetitiveness, so I guess it’s … effective? Whatever. Ugh. Enough already.


Postmodern Jukebox does a vintage swing-band type version. They make it sound cool and jazzy. They definitely elevate it to something noteworthy. It’s sexy yet classy, not trashy. And thank god – no rap segment!


British artist Ed Sheeran does this live on a radio morning show. I really like this. It’s more melodic and sounds a lot less random than the original. It almost sounds romantic. Plus, as the dj Elvis Duran mentions, you can actually make out the lyrics.


There’s a live Coachella appearance by Grouplove that brings the song back to its loopy random inebriated beginnings. It’s kinda screechy and out of tune to me, but they still give it their all.


Brit singer Lily Allen doesn’t do a cover in her appearance at the G.A.Y. Heaven nightclub in London. What she does is a full-out Beyonce shtick – in blond wig, black bikini/sheer cover-up, grinding gyrations, and lip-syncing to Beyonce’s recording. Don’t quite get the point of it all. Is it an homage or an outrageous mockery?


The group MiC LOWRY does a lovely, soulful cover of the song mashed up with the Bruno Mars song “Locked Out of Heaven“. These guys have some beautiful voices.





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