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Absolutely gobsmacked at this … September 22, 2014


I saw this headline:



‘I had a third breast implant so I can turn off men’



… and this was my reaction:






Questions. So many questions. (Not the least of which is where does a 21-year old get $20,000? )

You think adding another boob is gonna make men less interested? Have you not actually met a man? If you really don’t want to date anymore, then why can’t you just decline all dating requests? You’re 21: why are giving up on a romantic life so soon?


Further in the article it says she hopes to parlay this into a reality show. Ahhhh, I see … She just wanted an entrance ticket into the freak show that has become the modern world. She already has a name for it – Jasmine’s Jugs.


Beyond the ridiculousness of the whole thing, I’m sad for her. This is the kind of world we live in where 1) getting a reality show is an actual life goal, 2) adding an extra boob seems like a really good idea 3) this girl seems to feel like all she has to offer is this freakish new attachment.


She says she had to call 50 surgeons before finding one who’d do it, because the others would be “breaking the code of ethics”. Did you not take that as sign that this is not a good thing to do to yourself? And once you found a doctor who didn’t care about ethics, why would you think this was someone trustworthy enough to operate on you?


I am totally at a loss wondering how someone comes up with this. It’s scary and depressing and … it just sounds like bizarre self-esteem issues that have never been addressed. She said she didn’t want men to see her as attractive but she still wanted to feel pretty. I’m … I’m just speechless at this, frankly.





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