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Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr And Kurt Sutter Live-Blog The Emmys August 26, 2014

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MIKE FLEMING: So I am here at the lovely home of Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter to witness the pageantry of the 66th Prime Time Emmy Awards. I asked him to be my play by play partner because I have watched his show from moment one, and for my money, it is the best drama series that most consistently gets ignored by the Emmy voters. I figured that since he is going into the seventh and final season of a show that is headed towards an explosive conclusion, maybe this will be the year that voters show the Sons a little love. From Katey Sagal to Charlie Hunnam on down, there are great performances here, and I thought it high time for a reconsideration. Kurt, do you think that is possible?

KURT SUTTER:  You lost me at pageantry.

FLEMING: Well, then, what do you think of…

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