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Cover Battle – “Down With the Sickness” August 8, 2014



I’m keeping this one short and sweet, ‘cuz I’m tired. 😉


I am by no means what you’d call a “metal head” but I do like a good head banger, and “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed definitely qualifies.


I don’t even recall how I came upon the song. It could have been while looking for other cover battle stuff or through a twitter or Facebook link, but anyway, I love this song. I was even thinking that the opening riffs would be a cool/creepy/wtf? ringtone for a cell phone. (I’m weird like that). The guitar riffs are so sharp they almost sound like drums. I’ve never heard anything like that; I love it. You should check out some of Disturbed’s other efforts.


The only other version out there is done by the comedy entertainer known as Richard Cheese (dick cheese, get it? Gross and nasty, sure but the throwback feel is sorta cheesy too, so I can see the humor. I’m twisted like that) The style is just so far afield from the original it makes me chuckle. It’s a big band, swing type of sound and makes the song seem like one of the old American standards. He gives it a full orchestra treatment and some very smooth, Michael Buble type vocals. He’s totally into it. It’s hysterical. And well done.





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