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Cover Battle – “Rhiannon” August 1, 2014


Rock group Fleetwood Mac, led by “white witchSteve Nicks, performs the song “Rhiannon”. (The song was actually inspired by the legend of a Welsh witch.) I think their recording is just perfect – the music and the lyrical content blend so wonderfully with the uniqueness of Stevie’s voice. There is not a bad thing that I can say about this song. I never get tired of listening to it.


I was very surprised to find a rendition done by country singer Waylon Jennings. Apparently he was a huge fan of Stevie’s, and even asked her to write a song for him and his wife and singing partner, Jessi Colter. Unfortunately, for them, by the time the song was ready the relationship was over, but fortunately for Mac fans Stevie recorded the resulting song, “Leather and Lace“, herself. (The song just so happens to be the subject of an earlier Cover Battle)


I’m so used to the original that this sounds really odd to me. Stevie’s recording is just so haunting, magical and mystical that I just can’t find that this version does the composition much justice at all.


Japanese artists Superfly perform a kick-ass version. The guitar work is really sharp. The vocalist, Shiho Ochi has a harder edge to her voice while still being very melodic. It calls to my mind the laidback punk cool of Debbie Harry coupled with the power of Pat Benatar. For some reason, though, the video only showcases the guitarist.


Redd Kross did a very, very, very low-tech recording of the song. I think they may have done it standing around a cassette tape machine. It has that kind of a throwback sound to it, like they were doing a homemade mix tape. It’s different. They do it as a straight up rock song. At the end, they go all out, just jamming and having fun. Their obvious enthusiasm for the material kind of made me smile. 😉




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