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Tyler Knott Gregson June 15, 2014

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We Found Wonderful

I was 23 when I met TKG…

I cannot claim to be an emotional person.

I would usually be the last one to tear up during movies, to break down when a friend is in sorrow, to jump for joy or to shout with gladness. I have taught myself the useful (albeit, ironically) art of keeping a calm façade, each and every time. Though I may write about crying, sorrow, or extreme gladness, it would take something very, very moving, or something extremely disappointing to get my lacrimal ducts working.

However, when I met TKG, my own pent-up emotions seemed to pour out ever so easily.

Who is he? I’ll allow TKG to describe himself to you.

I’m Tyler Knott Gregson.

I am a photographer.
Exploitable Genius.
Word Alchemist.
Thought Translator.
Boy With Faraway Eyes.

And he is the guy who types poems, using an antique Remington…

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