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Cover Battle – “Time After Time” January 3, 2014


The original recording of “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper is so sweet and tender you just want to hug her. As much as you think of her as the fun, goofy, trippy dippy 80’s singer, she has a beautiful openness and honesty that can break your heart.


Patti Cathcart (of Tuck and Patti) has a deep velvet voice that’s on the opposite spectrum from Cyndi’s woman-child vocals. With just her singing and her husband Tuck’s guitar they create an incredibly full, lush sound – soothing while still being impassioned and powerful.


Cassandra Wilson is another singer in the same deep toned category as Ms. Cathcart, except Cassandra’s voice, I think, is even lower. Her style is also slower and much more languid. She definitely can lull you into a beautiful, dreamlike state.


I loved the beautiful, ethereal simplicity of Cyndi’s duet with Sarah McLachlan. Just a few instruments and two amazing voices joining together.


Matchbox Twenty also did a pretty nice cover of this song in concert. Keeping the simplicity intact is always a good idea for this song, and they’ve done that here.


I don’t think Quietdrive (???) adds anything to the song. It’s more pop and makes it kind of forgettable. They don’t sound bad, they just don’t do much for me on this.


Eva Cassidy’s rendition is quite emotional. I didn’t think any other version could hold a candle to the original but Eva’s is on a par with Cyndi’s.


Pink also gives an emotion-filled performance in a live concert. The audience is right there with her, which adds an extra element of conviction to the moment.


There’s also a nice Miles Davis instrumental version if you’re in a jazzy sort of mood.




One Response to “Cover Battle – “Time After Time””

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Oh that Tuck and Patti version…just Wow!

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