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Covers, No Battle (Pt 3) December 22, 2013


Time for part 3 of my holiday cover samplings. For links to the earlier entries you can check out the bottom on this post.




Really good a cappela singing kinda makes me melt, and the Pentatonix version of this song is no exception. You can tell that, individually, their voices are strong, but together they’re just amazing. The way the harmonies dive, and swoop and swirl around is like a vocal ballet. It’s beautiful to hear.


Next we have one of the most unlikely duos you could think of: Bing Crosby and David Bowie. I have no idea who’s idea it was to put these two together, but it worked out brilliantly. With Bing crooning about the drummer boy and then he and David doing a duet on “Peace on Earth” it’s a magical moment in musical history.


Speaking of unlikely, I now bring you Christopher Lee. Yes – LOTR’s Saruman (and hundreds of other films) Christopher Lee. My first response was WTF?! Then I listened to it, and like Mr. Lee, himself this one is truly badass.



Please Come Home For Christmas (Pt 1)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Pt 2)



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