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Ugh – do these people ever stop?! July 4, 2013


Well Happy Birthday, America; this is (one of the many reasons) why we can’t have nice things. I present you with the latest hurler of tea party douchebaggery – Dana Loesch.



(Source: Riverfront Times)

(Source: Riverfront Times)



“I too have a dream!” …. “I dream that one day our lawmakers will leave us alone! Let us do what we want! Stay out of my gun case! Stay out of my bank account! Stay out of my bedroom! Stay out of my church! Stay out of my business! I’ll carry what I want to carry!”



Clueless and hypocritical much, Dana?! How about you and your compatriots stay out of my vagina! Oh – and please please please stop co-opting MLK for your racist, down with the poor, entitled asinine bullshit. You’re as ridiculous as Westboro Baptist “Church”.




Conservative pundit Dana Loesch mimics MLK speech: Don’t judge us by ‘the content of our magazines’

Piers Morgan: Dana Loesch banned from show

Dana Loesch at wiki



3 Responses to “Ugh – do these people ever stop?!”

  1. Red Says:

    That’s all you’ve got, really? That’s all you’ve EVER got. “Stay out of my vagina”? Who the hell wants to be anywhere NEAR it. It’s priceless to hear liberals like you screaming about conservatives and your lady parts, when in fact YOU are the ones that keep dragging your parts to the debate. You want birth control… fine. Got no problem with that. For God’s sake we’re thrilled to hear people like you don’t want to procreate. Thank God. But it’s amazing how someone who wants to keep their vagina private wants the taxpayer to fund everything to do with it. Liberals want taxpayer funded birth control. If they aren’t responsible enough to use it, they want taxpayer funded abortions. If they opt not to use that, they want taxpayer funded childcare, food, public education, and basically a cradle to grave nanny. The “Julia” ad in 2012 pretty much said it all.

    The one and ONLY time a conservative has any opinion on your lady parts is when an innocent life drew the short straw and ended up being implanted there through YOUR bad decisions. Yeah… conservatives are just so evil. So how about you just take the position that you and all your little liberal friends try a little personal responsibility and stop asking your neighbors to foot the bill ever time you want to take those lady parts out for a spin? If we don’t have to fund your lifestyle, or it’s consequences, then by all means… party on. Until then… you really ought to think about that whole “hypocrite” thing a little more.

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