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Enough! Can we just vote already? October 5, 2012


A vast majority of people are stunned with President Barack Obama’s “dismal” performance in the debate* – Fox News, Democrats. Even Jon Stewart.



And now another peanut gallery heard from:





I’ve had this feeling for quite some time that all the liberal “disillusionment” with Obama’s performance, in the debate as well as throughout his presidency, has stemmed from a totally inaccurate perception of what a black man should be like.


Maybe they were expecting cultured and thoughtful on the outside but gangsta thug on the inside? I have no idea. I feel like no one’s going to be happy unless, in his next debate, the President comes out like Wayne Brady:




or at least spitting some serious verbal fire, like Eminem:






Whatever. I just want it over, so I’ll know if I have to go Canadian or not



*NOTE: I watched some of the debate, and for a lot of the time Mitt Romney was speaking, or let’s face it, prevaricating, his tuchus off, Obama was looking down or writing something. Come on, if Mitt was yammering away like he always does I would find it hard to look at him without smirking or laughing in his stupid face. I, personally would get bored with hearing the same old bullshit and just zone out until his glossy little nuggets of fakiness were over and then just hammer my own points home. To remind people of WHAT THE TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE. But that’s just me.



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