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Seek and ye shall find September 25, 2012


I really enjoyed watching American Horror Story and wouldn’t mind getting the dvd and watching it again. In the middle of the day. In a very well lit room.





Finding “murder houses” in my area, however? I’m gonna have to pass on that one, thanks.





Um, I did “click here”, though.





Address? You want my address? What if the ghosts get bored and wanna move to my place? It’s a one bedroom and I don’t have a couch. Or a supply of crosses, holy water, and a book of exorcism spells in Latin!


Well – maybe just the zip. Yeah I should be safe with that.




Apparently my zip code can also be tied to other places, somehow: Palma, Spain and Water Well.


Palma Spain. Hmm. You might have a couple of murder houses (No one expects The Spanish Inquisition!) but hey, you’ve still got museums, great food, culture, hot men. Not so bad.


Now, Water Well? Wtf kind of place is called “Water Well”? If the town you’re moving to is called “Water Well” please rethink your living situation. Just a suggestion.


So – Bayonne. Let’s see how close I’ve been living to the real American Horror Story.




Wow – 6 results and only one in Bayonne. All the rest are in various spots in NY State. Frankly I expected more from Jersey.






Mind you I have no idea where this oil refinery-looking place is but I do know it’s nowhere near my apartment. Whew!! I scrolled down for further detail of the picturesque site .





“Date of Incident – 9/25/12” Uh, that’s today. What the … Yikes!!!





Did I pee. No. Did I jump. Hell yeah!!! It scared the crap outta me. After I composed myself and determined that Rubberman was not hiding anywhere nearby I decided it was time to leave the Murder House tour site.


Once again I end up saying to myself “Kimmie – when you search on the internet you always find shite that creeps you the f**k out. Stop it.”




But we all I know I won’t.



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