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American Pie – Part Deux (The Infamy) September 21, 2012


Wait – Madonna did a cover of this? I’m not opposed to covers but this just does not work for me at all. The video makes it even worse.





As one commenter on YouTube put it:


Doesn’t get more accurate than that



Why? Just … why?



2 Responses to “American Pie – Part Deux (The Infamy)”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    I’m not a Madonna fan…but does she not provide an interpretation already inherit in the song but amplified by her video…I found it interesting once I got past my initial rejection of a new version of a song I love…but isn’t that called art?

    • jerzygirl45 Says:

      Good point. I like a lot of Madonna’s work. On first listen I couldn’t get past the pop-dancy score and the “look at my flexible sexy youthful gyrations” dominating the video, and perhaps I just shutdown on accepting it on its own. Maybe if I watch it a little more it’ll grow on me.

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