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Part 3 of the saga September 6, 2012

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And now it’s time for the final chapter in this gripping non-adventure. (To relive all the thrills, chills and outrageous ranting go here and here)





Oh happy day!!!!


Now, let’s see — they charged me …????


Okay – they put through the original $39.96 charge, but they processed a credit because of the lower release date price. Yay!!



This little update was going to be much more scathing.


When I checked my account and saw $39.96 I was annoyed. My mind was full of “goddammits” and “fucking Amazon” and “sonsabitches”. Then I had the good sense (hey – sometimes I can be kinda smart) to check my email.


That’s better


Then this one:

Okay BOA, now it’s your move (or so I thought)



I checked my account this morning, still focused on the $39.96 and got ready to write this little ranting update. That’s when I actually looked at the bank transactions. BOTH of them.


The first time I looked I honestly didn’t even see the $19.97 credit. I was so fixated on “they better fix this and if they don’t there’s gonna be a bitchfest” that I didn’t take the time to stop and see what was right in front of me. The matter had already been handled. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.


Note to self: check thoroughly, think, then double check, before flying off the handle and giving yourself agita. #SMH. #sillykimmie




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