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Amazon Anxiety August 31, 2012


Anyone who’s read this blog for awhile knows I like Sons of Anarchy. Alright fine: I’m obsessed with Sons of Anarchy


Season 5 premiere Tuesday, September 11, 2012 10 pm on FX.






The last episode of season 4 was broadcast December 6, 2011. I ordered the dvd on November 27, 2011. Well, preordered. It wasn’t scheduled to be released until August 28, 2012, but I knew that going in.



As it got closer and closer to the release date (and the season 5 premiere – yippee!!!) I was getting more and more excited. Then – August 28 arrives. On that day my Amazon order status changed from “Not Shipped” to “Shipping Soon”. Woo-sah!


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!




From past experience and being used to Amazon’s usually quick processing and shipping I figured I’d get it even before the delivery date or at least by September 4, the early end of the scheduled time frame. Plus, in checking my bank account the charge was “processing” for the amount of the order. Yay!



So every day I check the status. As of today 8/31/12 it still says “Shipping Soon”.







Really, Amazon? What’s the problem?? Please tell me, cuz you don’t want to make a SOA fan mad. Especially one from Jersey, yo. Just sayin’



I forgot to mention that the original preorder price was $39.96 which is fine. Then on issue date it goes down to $19.99. Cool, even better. Amazon has a thing where if the price changes between the time you pre-order and the time it’s shipped you get the lowest price. So, win-win. Even if I somehow got charged the original price, Amazon would have credited the difference back to me within 48 hours of shipment. [And even if they didn’t do it automatically, they certainly would have after I contacted them, if that were to be necessary.]




SOA. Jersey. Just sayin.




So anyway I check the item page and it says “In stock on September 3, 2012”



Excuse me?!


And now that “processing” charge that was showing on my bank account is not even processing. It just cleared. Which means I haven’t been charged because NOTHING’S BEEN SHIPPED YET!!!!



Amazon – you’re really cool and all, but right now you’re driving me a little batty. I want my dvd, you torturing bastards!!!!!!




Normally the premiere would be the first Tuesday of September (9/4) but it’s a week later (9/11 – I know, but what are you gonna do? It’s a date) FX is finally showing promos for the new season. It is insane how freaking happy that makes me.









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