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My lovely friend Janie (she of the smashing British accent) mentioned a dessert with black currants. I thought they were raisins, but wasn’t 100% sure so I googled it. The pictures I saw look like berries so maybe I was wrong.




I know sultanas are raisins, though. I’m sure of it. They look like raisins. All shriveled and pre-chewed.





Then I googled “I hate raisins”. Just because.


Maybe Child Protective Services should know about this?

Just saying.


I’m not the only one who seems to be confused. Found the best (okay goofiest, and grammatically irksome) responses on Yahoo answers:





And my favorite:

Maybe Jazzy’s grandma was the one that hated raising kids?



Oh, and in my exhaustive raisin research I found this:




Currants and sultanas come from grapes, so they ARE raisins. Gross, squishy, and yucky. As for that “mixed peel” and “glace cherries” that just looks like the stuff of food nightmares and holiday fruitcake horror.




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