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Here we go again … July 19, 2012

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So, Emmy nominating committee –


This year you have no problem with old-time murdering gangsters


Boardwalk Empire




Meth dealers

Breaking Bad


Serial Killers





Damages, The Good Wife, Harry’s Law



Murderous, psychotic, raping Rubber men

American Horror Story


being up for Emmy’s this year, but you draw the line at gun-running, drug-muling outlaw bikers?





I’m not saying the current nominations aren’t deserved. I’m just saying how about some much overdue love for this masterwork from the twisted genius that is Kurt Sutter, huh? Ok – even if you don’t appreciate Kurt’s bluntness in calling a fucking douchebag cunt a fucking douchebag cunt how can you continuously be so blind to the exceptional writing and performing and directing and scoring and makeup and special effects of the show?


Arrrrrgh!!!! You Emmy people frustrate me so.




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