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RIP ETAN May 24, 2012

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Etan Patz disappeared on May 25, 1979. Today, May 24, 2012, the NYPD arrested his killer after eliciting a confession.



In the 33 years since Etan disappeared the amount of missing children has exponentially increased. Back then the first thought was ‘what kind of horrible stranger could do this to a child?’ Now the first thought is ‘it’s the parents’. You hope for a positive outcome knowing there probably won’t be one. Whenever they do updates on still missing kids, years later, the faces seem familiar but you honestly don’t remember.


But Etan – I still remember. No googling needed to remember this dear sweet face:


In 1983 President Ronald Reagan declared May 25th,

the day of Etan’s disappearance,

National Missing Children’s Day.



The police are still doing their investigation on the specific details, but hopefully this will … I don’t know. His parents will never heal from this but at least (hopefully) they will get answers instead of speculation.







Etan Patz Suspect Arrested …

Etan Patz Has Been Missing 33 Years …e

The disappearance of Etan Patz

National Missing Children’s Day


One Response to “RIP ETAN”

  1. 92P1169-8 Says:

    NYPD arrest man for the murder of Etan Patz. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his disappearance 33 years ago. May his family have closure.

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