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#PostADay2011 Challenge October 18, 2011

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Plinky PostADay2011 Prompt:    

Describe the perfect sandwich. You have up to $5,000 to spend. Be creative


I won’t get into the whole “What is perfect?” question. And I couldn’t even imagine taking $5,000 and using it on a sandwich. It’s just ridiculous. And I’m not that fancy.


Now on the subject of divine tasting things. The first thing that came to mind is a grilled cheese sandwich. Well, my favorite version of grilled cheese.


Just take your basic bread aisle Italian loaf bread:



Kraft white American cheese singles:


Bacon (pre-cooked & crispy, of course):




And pesto:




  • Cook bacon ’til crispy. Drain
  • Spread pesto on 2 slices of bread
  • Top each piece of bread with 2 cheese slices
  • Top one piece of bread with the super duper crispy bacon
  • Hump the other piece of bread on top
  • Spread top of bread with Smart Balance Buttery Spread (or butter or Miracle Whip – I know it sounds gross and potentially lethal, but trust me it adds a nice little tang)
  • Slap the buttered side down on a preheated grill or pan. Spread the top side with pan lubricant of choice (miracle whip, etc). Press down w/ spatula until bread is browned and cheese is melty.
  • Gingerly flip the masterpiece over for 2nd side browning. Press down. Be patient.
  • When other side is browned to your liking (or you can’t contain your cheese lust any longer) plate that sucker.


WARNING: Do not just dive in. There’s hot gooey cheese in there. That’s major taste bud damage looming. Wait a bit, slice it. Revel in the fragrance.


Then scarf that baby down!



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