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Dear Juicy: October 15, 2011



Juice, baby, – wtf are you doing?



Did you forget this:



“Blood family, your hometown – all that shit moves back a row.”


“Once you’re patched, the members are your family, this charter is your home.”


You know who said this? You did Juicy. Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz!!! What the fuck are you thinking?


You’re gonna end up buried in a ditch somewhere, and you’re already digging it yourself.



2 Responses to “Dear Juicy:”

  1. flore Says:

    I totally agree with you ! This new season is awesome, but, God, what was that ?? Something’s gonna happen, I’m worried about Juice, and worried about Chibs too cuz now he’s worried about Juice !
    (nice blog by the way !)

    • jerzygirl45 Says:

      Thank you so much. I am beyond scared. This show is gonna give me a heart attack before the season is through. And Clay!! I don’t even feel bad about his hands anymore. He’s a lowlife piece of scum.

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