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The Daily Hotness – Michael Fassbender May 8, 2011

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Michael Fassbender at IMDB

Michael Fassbender at wiki

Michael Fassbinder online

His name Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is officially a Hollywood leading man

Band of Brothers


X-Men: First Class

Jane Eyre

A Dangerous Method

Jonah Hex

Inglourious Basterds

The Devil’s Whore




Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot

Hearts and Bones


9 Responses to “The Daily Hotness – Michael Fassbender”

  1. tanjamina Says:

    what magnificent guy!

  2. Nadia Greenidge Says:

    Sexy and nice – he will become a great actor. I loved Jane Eyre.

  3. Mary Powrie Says:

    Michael Fassbender is such a brilliant actor and so handsome too

  4. stormreverie Says:

    haven’t noticed Michael until the Xmen movie last summer…oh d’oh…these pix are awesome….and those eyes…

  5. eileenbrid Says:

    He is so good looking, would like to see more of him in the movies — he has it all, talent, physicality, dreamy eyes…

  6. M Says:

    I am a really sad person. Liked this guy-no idea why- for a long time thinkin ‘how do I know him’ quite amazing actor but in real life typically Northern Irish look. We have a nontrascript look that travels well -eyes blue, tough (in an empathethic way (boke).Say Thank you Maaaaaaaaa. Dead intense look. Yet another gorgeous guy with northern irish looks. Result!! Can I add the Liam Neeson . !!!!!Will go now now but happy to salut u guys. P.S. Long time ago there was a hollywood legend guy from outside Belfast who starred in many movies in the black and white era- think b4 Jesus was a child but was a top actor -glengormley or something like that. Stephen somebody. Check out gladiator typr films. Blonde guy. WE do have the good men .

  7. niamh Says:

    hi your irish so your brill!! im from monaghan 🙂

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