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#MilitaryMonday February 7, 2011

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… Without sophisticated medical technology, without degrees in

psychology and philosophy, the corpsman has been required to

function with the versatility of no other enlisted man. The corpsman

has to be the soul of the troops; their physician, their nursemaid,

their conscience. Whenever the troops are engaged in combat, the

ever-present corpsman – sweat rolling down his cheeks, blood and

bits of tissue splattered across his shirt and pants – is often physically

exposed. Amid screaming and shouting, and crying, surrounded by

death, he passionately tends to the injured and dying, even as the

plasma bottle shatters in his hands. As warriors convulse around

him, the corpsman, his throat swollen dry, gently cradles yet another

dying man in his arms. When the battle has passed and the battlefield becomes graveyard quiet, the warrior is at rest, while the

ragged and dusty corpsman, his clothes reeking of blood and sweat,

continues his battle against the angel of death, mending gaping

wounds and consoling the aching hearts of his charges. And, unlike a

movie or TV program, the blows never leave a corpsman’s boots; the

stench never leaves his nose; the piercing screams never leave his

ears’ and the taste of war never quite leaves his soul…



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