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Walking Day 19 – New Years Day – 1/1/11 January 1, 2011

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MUSIC: “I Touch Myself” – The Divinyls

     “Finish What You Started” – Van Halen



As I’m sitting here typing I can hear someone shoveling snow. Again. It’s about 42 degrees so stuff is still melting. I can see the sidewalks and finally the corners are visible. Haven’t been outside except to set out the garbage. Haven’t been off the block since the Thursday before Christmas. Should go walking just to see what this half-snow half-normal sidewalk world is like. I always worry about an unseen patch of ice and busting my ass on concrete. I’m old now; bones don’t heal as fast, and aches stay with you longer.


It’s January 1, 2011. The dawn of the New Year. Well, its 12:17 pm so it’s actually the lunchtime of the New Year. Will spend the day doing light activity. Making iced tea the old-fashioned way – a big pot of water and four tea bags, sugar it, let it cool, squeeze in some fresh oj for flavoring, chill and enjoy. Scarfing down breakfast (done), lunch and dinner. And finally watching season 1 of The Best Damn Show Ever – Sons of Anarchy.


2011 is starting off very well. I’m in my favorite place – home, I have food in the fridge, paper and coins in my wallet and most of my mental faculties are intact. That’s much better than most people have it so I choose to be grateful for my blessings. Any stress and strife I will put in perspective with the mantra “It could be worse”. Any obstacles, I will try to find a way to remove or circumvent them. If that can’t be done, I will be determined to maintain the attitude “This too shall pass”. I am alive and each day brings with it the possibility of a new beginning.







One Response to “Walking Day 19 – New Years Day – 1/1/11”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    A new year and another chance to enjoy the ride of life. 🙂

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